The main task of higher education is the preparation of highly qualified specialists.

Specialists graduating from higher educational establish­ments must not only be able to use modern technical equip­ment, but also to create the equipment of the future, to have the ability to solve problems in the development of the economy. An inseparable part of the activity of higher education is scientific research work directed toward the solution of the most burning current problems in various branches of the economy.

Graduates of secondary schools are eligible for admission to higher educational establishments through the system of competitive examinations HIGHER EDUCATION. Preference is given to those who already have experience in practical work. Secondary school graduates, awarded gold and silver medals, as well as per­sons who graduated from secondary vocational schools with honours are enrolled without competition on condition that they get an excellent mark for one of the major subjects at the entrance examinations.

The system of higher education via correspondence has been improved and a network of general engineering facul­ties has been set up in the country with the correspondence students organized on the territorial principle and their teaching and material centres established in non-university HIGHER EDUCATION cities. Each faculty belongs to some higher educational in­stitution and is one of its structural units.

At higher educational establishments much attention is paid to training specialists for all branches of the economy and culture. Special attention is paid to training students in new techniques, the automation of productive processes, electronic apparatuses, industrial electronics, computer machines, computing, etc.

Now the universities are training more specialists in new branches of mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry.

There are many foreign students studying in higher edu­cational institutions of Ukraine.